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Thursday, the 15th of December – It's almost time for the Belgian preselection of Eurosong 2023! On the 14th of January, Belgian viewers, together with the professional jury, can decide who will represent Belgium in Liverpool. Seven candidates will bring their best performance during the grand final. Each artist participates in Eurosong 2023 with two songs. The songs were announced this morning via the social media of Eén and the VRT radio networks. Find out all about the songs of the seven artists below. Want to listen to a teaser of the songs yourself? You can do so via the social media of Eén.



'Armageddon' and 'The Carnival' are the titles of the two songs Ameerah will perform during Eurosong 2023. Both songs are about the power of acceptance. They talk about loving yourself and each other. Ameerah (stage name of Astrid Roelants) moved to Los Angeles to work as a songwriter with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Jay Sean and Dj Tiësto. Her debut single, 'The Sound Of Missing You' was in the top three of the Billboard dance charts USA. And who knows, maybe she will get to perform on the big stage in Liverpool with one of her new songs....

  • 'The Carnival' - written by: Astrid Roelants and Zac Poor / producer: Morgan Taylor Reid
  • 'Armageddon' - written by: Astrid Roelants and Zac Poor / producer: Morgan Taylor Reid


Chérine is fluent in three languages, but her name gives it away: she sings her songs in French. She describes herself as a spirited, enthusiastic talker and is always colourfully dressed. With 'ça m'ennuie pas', Chérine takes you into her colourful world and in 'mon étoile' you will discover her sensitive side. Chérine writes her own songs and thus also wrote her Eurosong songs herself.

  • 'ça m'ennuie pas' - written by: Chérine Mroue, William Rousseau and François Welgryn / producers: Bjørgen Van Essen, William Rousseau and Hans Francken
  • 'mon étoile' - written by: Chérine Mroue and Hans Francken / producers: Domien Cnockaert and Hans Francken


Loredana dreams out loud of being on the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool with 'Dream In Colours' and 'You Lift Me Up'. The first song is made together with international songwriters, who have a lot of experience with writing Eurovision-songs, the second is a fully Belgian creation. Loredana started out as the singer of 2Fabiola, together with Pat Krimson. As a duo, they scored several hits, but now Loredana is building her solo career. Who knows, maybe she can bring her music in front of an audience of millions in May?

  • 'Dream In Colours' - written by: Tim Gosden, Maria Broberg, Tristan Henry, Loredana De Amicis and Serge Ramaekers / producers: Tim Gosden, Serge Ramaekers and Pat Krimson
  • 'You Lift Me Up' - written by: Udo Mechels, Loredana De Amicis, John Miles Jr. and Pat Krimson / producers: Yannic Fonderie and Pat Krimson

The Starlings

The Starlings, Tom Dice and Kato Callebaut, say they will perform the most personal songs they have ever written in Eurosong 2023. Kato first met Tom in the middle of the Eurovision Song Contest craze. Their paths crossed regularly and in 2018 they both felt sparks. Consequently, their songs 'Rollercoaster' as 'Oceanside' fill you with a wave of love. The team that wrote 'Me and My Guitar', the song Tom Dice performed during the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest grand final, joined forces again to write 'Oceanside'.

  • 'Oceanside' - written by: Kato Callebaut, Tom Eeckhout, Jeroen Swinnen and Ashley Hicklin, / producers: Jeroen Swinnen and Pele Loriano
  • 'Rollercoaster' - written by: Kato Callebaut, Tom Eeckhout, Laurell Barker, Thomas Stengaard and Andreas Stone Johansson, among others / producer: Thomas Stengaard

Hunter Falls

Hunter Falls has only one goal: to represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest. To do so, he has two catchy songs: 'Ooh La La' and 'Home'. Hunter Falls performs melodic pop seasoned by his Kurdish roots and the time he spent as a child in Sweden and London. His stage name refers to his belief that you should chase your dreams and not wait for things to fall into your lap and to his favourite season, autumn.

  • 'Ooh La La' - written by Tchiah Ommar Abdulrahman and Michael Garvin / producers: Christoffer Jonsson, Liam Erixon, and John Emil Johansson
  • 'Home' - written by Tchiah Ommar Abdulrahman and Thomas 'TK' Karlsson / producer: Douglas Thiele


As a queer artist, Gustaph wants to get rid of pigeonholing. With 'Because Of You' and 'The Nail', he creates a party like no other, because there is no better way to be yourself. Gustaph previously travelled to the Eurovision Song Contest as a backing vocalist. In 2018, he was on stage with the Belgian’s entry Sennek in Lisbon and in 2021 he travelled with Hooverphonic as Geike Arnaert's vocal coach to Rotterdam. His soulful voice is sought after nationally and internationally.

  • 'Because Of You' - written by Gustaph and Jaouad Alloul / producers: Gustaph and Willem Vanderstichele
  • 'The Nail' - written by Gustaph / producer: Gustaph

gala dragot

As a seventeen-year-old, gala dragot stands up for her values in the two compelling songs 'emotion ollie' and 't'inquiète'. Gala dragot comes from an artistic family. Her dad Robert Aliaj Dragot is one of the most prominent figures in Albanian showbiz and a contemporary artist. Both her parents have always encouraged her to be inspired by different forms of art. She has a great love for classical composers, but also mirrors artists like Massive Attack, Björk, David Bowie and Rosalía. Whether those mysterious influences can be heard in her music, can be discovered during Eurosong 2023.

  • 't'inquiète' - written by Jan Lemmens, Yello Staelens and Gala Aliaj / producers: Mucky & Pepijn Leenders / composers: Yello Staelens, Jan Lemmens, Pepijn Leenders, Gala Aliaj
  • 'emotion ollie' - ​ written by Max Robert Baby and Gala Aliaj / producers: Pepijn Leenders and Max Robert Baby / composers: Max Robert Baby, Gala Aliaj, Pepijn Leenders

The liveshow of Eurosong 2023 will take place at Paleis 12 (Brussels) on the 14th of January. During this show, we will find out who Belgium will send to the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. After the show there is an official Eurosong afterparty, hosted by MNM, with Eurosong-stars Sandra Kim, Kate Ryan and Liliane Saint-Pierre. DJ Licious, Laurens Luyten and Jones & I will also perform at the afterparty. Tickets are available at

The candidates are available for interviews. If you want to interview them, please contact:

Geertrui Maertens


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