Gustaph releases music video for Belgium's Eurovision Song Contest entry 'Because of you'

Gustaph releases music video for Belgium's Eurovision Song Contest entry 'Because of you'

Friday, March 10, 2023 - Today Gustaph, who will represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest in May, released the music video of his song Because of you. The music video can now be found on Eurovision's official Youtube channel.

An ode to diversity

The message Gustaph wants to convey with the music video is also the message of the song itself: be grateful for the people who support you and believe in you, so that you can be completely yourself. Being grateful for your "chosen family" and being open to diversity.

Gustaph: "Because of you is an ode to the queer community and the idea of a self-chosen family that supports, carries and lifts each other higher. The song has clear nineties house references and is a love letter to freedom: freedom of expression and freedom to always be yourself. We wanted to incorporate these elements into the music video as well."

The music video builds on the visuals used in Gustaph's act for the Belgium Eurovision preselections Eurosong 2023. Various dancers and drag queens are featured, along with Gustaph and his backing singers.

Monique, Chantal and Sandrine: three background singers from the clip along to Liverpool

Of course, background singers Monique Harcum and Chantal Kashala - who were also present at Eurosong 2023 - are featured in the music video. They are joined by Sandrine Van Handenhoven. The three ladies are good friends with Gustaph and their connection is evident both in the clip and live on stage. All three will join Gustaph in Liverpool.

For the styling in the clip, Gustaph works with Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck.

Gustaph: It is an honor to be able to represent him and work closely with such a great fashion icon.

Director of the music video is Roen Lommelen, Gustaph's husband who also directed several of Gustaph's previous music videos, as well as the visuals of his act in the live show of Eurosong 2023.

Creative team for Liverpool

This is the creative team supporting Gustaph in Liverpool:

  • Yves Ruth: creative director & choreographer
  • Hans Pannecoucke: director
  • Ignace D'Haese: light designer
  • Tom Eerebout: stylist
  • Roen Lommelen: director of the music video and visuals for the act
  • Monique Harcum, Chantal Kashala and Sandrine Van Handenhoven: backing vocals
  • Walter Van Beirendonck: designer of Gustaph's outfit

The semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest can be followed live on Tuesday, May 9 and Thursday, May 11, the final will be broadcast on Saturday, May 13. Gustaph will perform for Belgium in the second semifinal, on May 11.


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