The Gala of the Golden K’s presents the world’s first live show broadcast with XR technology

The Gala of the Golden K’s is the annual award show from Ketnet, the VRT’s children's channel. This Ketnet award show usually fills Antwerp’s Sports Palace to the brim. But due to the various COVID-19 restrictions, that is out of the question this year. Luckily, Ketnet has come up with a groundbreaking alternative for this broadcast: the world’s first live show to use XR technology.

"At Ketnet we are always first in line when it comes to trying out new technologies. This year, for our Gala of the Golden K's, we conducted a groundbreaking tech experiment live on television. A world first for our talented team and their collaborators at AED studios, Malfmedia, AVWizard and Eurogrip, and a fine alternative to the Sports Palace live show."
Annemie Gulickx, Channel manager Ketnet

XR stands for Extended Reality. During the Gala of the Golden K's, Ketnet used this technology live. Both the artists and the guests were transported to a virtual 3D world. This technology has previously been used by world stars such as Katy Perry, and now it is being used by Ketnet, for the very first time in a live broadcast.

About Ketnet

Ketnet is part of VRT, the Flemish public broadcaster. Ketnet is a channel for all Flemish children up to 12 years old. This is a very diverse and extensive target group, with children in all kinds of different developmental stages. To be relevant for all these children, Ketnet ensures that the programming is tailored to different ages, stages of development, needs and interests. The brand has an in-house expert in developmental psychology and also collaborates with all kinds of experts in various fields. Ketnet translates their knowledge and advice into a wide range of programmes, projects and events for Ketnet Junior (up to 6 years old) and Ketnet (from 6 to 12 years old).

Since the founding of the brand in 1997, Ketnet’s aim has been to strengthen, encourage and stimulate children up to the age of 12 in their emotional and intellectual development, by way of a unique 360 ° experience. Ketnet is the biggest supporter of every child and wants to give children everything they need to grow.

The unique added value of Ketnet is contained in the identity of the brand. Children can follow, watch and experience Ketnet, and do so in a safe way. Ketnet is from here, close by and tangible. Every child can encounter Ketnet at events that are organised to continue the experience of this magical world. In this way, Ketnet offers children a relevant and open window on the world.

Ketnet evolves with children, so that they grow up to be self-aware adolescents. To achieve this, the brand stimulates children in keeping with their development, with a healthy mix of fun and education. By taking into account everyone's skills and emotional development, the brand manages to touch children and create real impact.

Bob Vermeir

Communication manager and corporate spokesperson, VRT


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VRT is the public broadcaster of the Flemish Community in Belgium. It is geared towards all Flemings, in all their uniqueness and diversity. The VRT presents high-quality and distinctive content in the areas of information, culture, education, entertainment and sports. With its three television channels, five radio stations and various digital channels, the VRT reaches 90% of all Flemish people every week. In this way, the VRT can be relevant, have a social impact, contribute to a pluralistic debate and strengthen democracy. The VRT stimulates people to experience culture and language, and propagates the Flemish identity. The VRT is future-oriented and focuses on innovation and digitization. The broadcaster plays an important role in the Flemish media ecosystem and cooperates with numerous national and international partners from various fields. 
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